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Chicken ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
CKA0408Chicken Agrin ELISA KitChicken Agrin $495Add to Cart
CKA0410Chicken alk-Smase ELISA KitChicken Alkaline Sphingomyelinase $495Add to Cart
CKA0420Chicken AGC ELISA KitChicken Aggrecan $495Add to Cart
CKA0423Chicken AAA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Albumin Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0424Chicken Anti-C1q ELISA KitChicken Anti-Complement 1q Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0425Chicken Anti-Surv ELISA KitChicken Anti-Survivin Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0426Chicken Anti-ssDNA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Single Stranded DNA $495Add to Cart
CKA0429Chicken Anti-RNP ELISA KitChicken Anti-Ribonucleoprotein Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0433Chicken AMA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Methylglyoxal Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0434Chicken ATMA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Thyroid Microsome Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0435Chicken AFA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Filaggrin Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0437Chicken ADH ELISA KitChicken Anti-Diuretic Hormone $495Add to Cart
CKA0438Chicken AOA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Ovarian Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0443Chicken ASMA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Smooth Muscle Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0445Chicken ANNA1 ELISA KitChicken Anti-Neuronal Nuclear AutoAntibody 1 $495Add to Cart
CKA0446Chicken ANNA2 ELISA KitChicken Anti-Neuronal Nuclear AutoAntibody 2 $495Add to Cart
CKA0452Chicken AIRA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Insulin Receptor Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0454Chicken AAHA ELISA KitChicken Anti-Apolipoprotein Antibodies $495Add to Cart
CKA0464Chicken AGR2 ELISA KitChicken Anterior Gradient Homolog 2 $495Add to Cart
CKA0472Chicken AQP-2 ELISA KitChicken Aquaporin 2, Collecting Duct $495Add to Cart
CKA0473Chicken AQP-3 ELISA KitChicken Aquaporin 3, Gill Blood Group $495Add to Cart
CKA0474Chicken AQP-4 ELISA KitChicken Aquaporin 4 $495Add to Cart
CKA0476Chicken AQP-9 ELISA KitChicken Aquaporin 9 $495Add to Cart
CKA0478Chicken Anti-MOG ELISA KitChicken Anti-Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody $495Add to Cart
CKA0483Chicken AMY1 ELISA KitChicken Amylase Alpha 1, Salivary $495Add to Cart
CKA0484Chicken AGER ELISA KitChicken Advanced Glycosylation End Product Specific Receptor $495Add to Cart
CKA0494Chicken ADCY1 ELISA KitChicken Adenylate Cyclase 1, Brain $495Add to Cart
CKA0500Chicken ANP ELISA KitChicken Atrial Natriuretic Peptide $495Add to Cart
CKA0502Chicken AGTR1 ELISA KitChicken Angiotensin II Receptor 1 $495Add to Cart
CKA0503Chicken AGTR2 ELISA KitChicken Angiotensin II Receptor 2 $495Add to Cart



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