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Anserine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
AL0009Anserine L-selectin ELISA KitL-selectin $495Add to Cart
AL0012Anserine LPL ELISA KitLipoprteinlipase $495Add to Cart
AL0011Anserine LA ELISA KitLactic Acid $495Add to Cart
AL0013Anserine LDH ELISA KitLactate Dehydrogenase $495Add to Cart
AL0014Anserine LIF ELISA KitLeukemia Inhibitory Factor $495Add to Cart
AL0025Anserine LN ELISA KitLaminin $495Add to Cart
AL0027Anserine LDL ELISA KitLow Density Lipoprotein $495Add to Cart
AL0028Anserine LH ELISA KitLuteinizing Hormone $495Add to Cart
AL0043Anserine LTC4 ELISA KitLeukotriene C4 $495Add to Cart
AL0044Anserine LTB4 ELISA KitLeukotriene B4 $495Add to Cart
AL0045Anserine Leptin ELISA KitLeptin $495Add to Cart
AL0075Anserine LZM ELISA KitLysozyme/Muramidase $495Add to Cart
AL0212Anserine Lp-PL-A2 ELISA KitLipoproteinassociated Phospholipase A2 $495Add to Cart
AL0213Anserine LAC/LA ELISA Kitlupus anticoagulant$495Add to Cart
AL0214Anserine LAM ELISA KitLipoarabinomannan$495Add to Cart
AL0215Anserine LAP ELISA KitLeucine aminopepridase$495Add to Cart
AL0216Anserine LBP ELISA Kitlipolysaccharide binding protein$495Add to Cart
AL0217Anserine LC1 ELISA Kitanti-liver cytosolantibody type1$495Add to Cart
AL0218Anserine LCN2 ELISA Kitlipocalin 2$495Add to Cart
AL0223Anserine LDL-IC ELISA Kitlow density lipoprotein immune complex$495Add to Cart
AL0225Anserine LDLR ELISA Kitlow density lipoprotein receptor$495Add to Cart
AL0226Anserine Lebtospira lgM ELISA Kitlebtospira lgM$495Add to Cart
AL0229Anserine LEP IgG ELISA Kitleptospira IgG$495Add to Cart
AL0231Anserine LF ELISA KitLactoferrin$495Add to Cart
AL0233Anserine LFA-3 ELISA KitLymphocyte function associated antigen 3$495Add to Cart
AL0232Anserine LF/LTF Ab-lgG ELISA KitLactoferrin antibody lgG$495Add to Cart
AL0236Anserine Lgals3 ELISA Kitlectin-galactose binding-soluble 3,Lgals3 $495Add to Cart
AL0239Anserine LHRH ELISA KitLuteinizing Hormone-Releasing Hormone$495Add to Cart
AL0242Anserine LIFR ELISA KitLeukemia inhibitory factor receptor$495Add to Cart
AL0245Anserine LKM ELISA Kitliver kidney microsome autoantibody$495Add to Cart



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