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Anserine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
AO0008Anserine OC ELISA KitOsteocalcin $495Add to Cart
AO0009Anserine Oncostatin M ELISA KitOncostatin M $495Add to Cart
AO0010Anserine OAR ELISA KitOsteoclast Associated Receptor $495Add to Cart
AO0012Anserine OPN ELISA KitOsteopontin $495Add to Cart
AO0013Anserine OPM ELISA KitOctopamine $495Add to Cart
AO0015Anserine OBTF4 ELISA KitOctamer Binding Transcription Factor 4 (OBTF4)$495Add to Cart
AO0016Anserine OCLN ELISA KitOccludin (OCLN)$495Add to Cart
AO0017Anserine OMT ELISA KitOmentin $495Add to Cart
AO0019Anserine OVA slgE ELISA KitOvalbumin specific Immunoglobulin E $495Add to Cart
AO0020Anserine ODC ELISA KitOrnithine Decarboxylase (ODC)$495Add to Cart
AO0021Anserine OIT3 ELISA KitOncoprotein Induced Transcript 3 (OIT3)$495Add to Cart
AO0022Anserine OLAb ELISA KitAnti-Oxidized Low Density Lipoprotein Antibody (OLAb)$495Add to Cart
AO0023Anserine OLFM4 ELISA KitOlfactomedin 4 (OLFM4)$495Add to Cart
AO0024Anserine ON ELISA KitOsteonectin (ON)$495Add to Cart
AO0025Anserine OSF ELISA KitOsteoclast Stimulating Factor 1 (OSF)$495Add to Cart
AO0026Anserine OSMR ELISA KitOncostatin M Receptor (OSMR)$495Add to Cart
AO0027Anserine OPG ELISA KitOsteoprotegerin (OPG)$495Add to Cart
AO0308Anserine OCT ELISA KitOrnithine Carbamoyl Transferase$495Add to Cart
AO0307Anserine Orexins ELISA KitOrexins $495Add to Cart
AO0310Anserine ODF ELISA Kitosteoclase differentiation factor$495Add to Cart
AO0312Anserine OFQ/N ELISA Kitorphanin FQ/nociceptin$495Add to Cart
AO0315Anserine OGP ELISA KitOsteogenic Growth Peptide$495Add to Cart
AO0316Anserine OH-PYD ELISA KitHydroxy-Pyridinium crosslinks$495Add to Cart
AO0317Anserine OJ/lleRS ELISA KitANTI-OJ antibody$495Add to Cart
AO0321Anserine Oncogene protein p190/bcr-abl ELISA KitOncogene protein p190/bcr-abl$495Add to Cart
AO0322Anserine OPAs ELISA KitOpacity-associated proteins,OPAs $495Add to Cart
AO0328Anserine Orexin ELISA KitOrexin A$495Add to Cart
AO0331Anserine ORM ELISA Kitorosomucoid$495Add to Cart
AO0333Anserine OSC ELISA KitOxidosqualene Cyclase$495Add to Cart
AO0334Anserine OSM ELISA KitOncostatin-M$495Add to Cart



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