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Tag and Loading control Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A8267RabbitDNAL1CILD16; C14orf168;$220Add to Cart
A8266RabbitKDM7AJHDM1D;$220Add to Cart
A8265RabbitADAM33C20orf153; DJ964F7.1;$220Add to Cart
A8264RabbitULBP2N2DL2; RAET1H; NKG2DL2; ALCAN-alpha;$220Add to Cart
A8262RabbitCCDC92$220Add to Cart
A8260RabbitTCTN2MKS8; TECT2; C12orf38;$220Add to Cart
A8259RabbitRNF219C13orf7;$220Add to Cart
A8258RabbitHAUS3IT1; dgt3; C4orf15;$220Add to Cart
A8257RabbitDHX58LGP2; RLR-3; D11LGP2; D11lgp2e;$220Add to Cart
A8256RabbitKCTD15$220Add to Cart
A8254RabbitCDCP1CD318; TRASK; SIMA135;$220Add to Cart
A8252RabbitIL25IL17E;$220Add to Cart
A8251RabbitCREB3L2BBF2H7;$220Add to Cart
A8250RabbitHS1BP3ETM2; HS1-BP3;$220Add to Cart
A8249RabbitTMBIM1LFG3; RECS1; MST100; PP1201; MSTP100;$220Add to Cart
A8193RabbitATP6ATP6;$220Add to Cart
A8191RabbitSTK38NDR; NDR1;$220Add to Cart
A8189RabbitCD160NK1; BY55; NK28;$220Add to Cart
A8188RabbitIFI44p44; TLDC5; MTAP44;$220Add to Cart
A8187RabbitSLC9A6MRSA; NHE6;$220Add to Cart
A8184RabbitBCKDKBDK; BCKDKD;$220Add to Cart
A8183RabbitPOP7RPP2; RPP20; 0610037N12Rik;$220Add to Cart
A8181RabbitMED6ARC33; NY-REN-28;$220Add to Cart
A8179RabbitTHOC1P84; HPR1; P84N5;$220Add to Cart
A8178RabbitP2RY14P2Y14; BPR105; GPR105;$220Add to Cart
A8176RabbitIL27RACRL1; TCCR; WSX1; IL27R; IL-27RA; zcytor1;$220Add to Cart
A8175RabbitSYNGR1$220Add to Cart
A8174RabbitCLDN8$220Add to Cart
A8173RabbitGPRC5ARAI3; TIG1; RAIG1; GPCR5A; PEIG-1;$220Add to Cart
A8171RabbitTAF1BSL1; RAF1B; RAFI63; TAFI63; MGC:9349;$220Add to Cart



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