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Porcine ELISA Kits List
Cat No.NameDescriptionSizeQtyPriceAction
PT0373Porcine TUBa3C ELISA KitTubulin Alpha 3c (TUBa3C)$495Add to Cart
PT0369Porcine TTR ELISA KitPorcine Transthyretin $495Add to Cart
PT0360Porcine TSLP ELISA KitPorcine Thymic Stromal Lymphopoietin $495Add to Cart
PT0350Porcine TSC22 ELISA KitPorcine Transforming Growth Factor Beta Stimulated Protein Clone 22 $495Add to Cart
PT0349Porcine TLS ELISA KitPorcine T lymphocyte subpopulation CD3/4/8 $495Add to Cart
PT0343Porcine Trx ELISA KitPorcine Thioredoxin $495Add to Cart
PT0335Porcine TRH ELISA KitPorcine Thyrotropin Releasing Hormone $495Add to Cart
PT0324Porcine bTG ELISA KitPorcine Thromboglobulin, Beta $495Add to Cart
PT0320Porcine TPPP ELISA KitPorcine Tubulin Polymerization Promoting Protein $495Add to Cart
PT0297Porcine TP63 ELISA KitPorcine Tumor Protein P63 $495Add to Cart
PT0266Porcine TNX ELISA KitPorcine Tenascin X $495Add to Cart
PT0265Porcine TNR ELISA KitPorcine Tenascin R $495Add to Cart
PT0261Porcine TNPO1 ELISA KitPorcine Transportin 1 $495Add to Cart
PT0256Porcine TNNC2 ELISA KitPorcine Troponin C Type 2, Fast $495Add to Cart
PT0245Porcine TNC ELISA KitPorcine Tenascin C $495Add to Cart
PT0244Porcine TMS尾10 ELISA KitPorcine Thymosin Beta 10 $495Add to Cart
PT0241Porcine TMED1 ELISA KitPorcine transmembrane emp24 protein transport domain containing 1 $495Add to Cart
PT0236Porcine TM ELISA KitPorcine Thrombomodulin $495Add to Cart
PT0229Porcine TLN ELISA KitPorcine Talin $495Add to Cart
PT0226Porcine TJP1 ELISA KitPorcine Tight Junction Protein 1 $495Add to Cart
PT0219Porcine TIEG1 ELISA KitPorcine TGF Beta Inducible Early Response Gene 1 $495Add to Cart
PT0213Porcine Tie2 ELISA KitPorcine TEK Tyrosine Kinase, Endothelial $495Add to Cart
PT0204Porcine THAA ELISA KitPorcine Thyroid Hormone Autoantibody $495Add to Cart
PT0178Porcine TGFbI ELISA KitPorcine Transforming Growth Factor Beta Induced $495Add to Cart
PT0175Porcine TGFb3 ELISA KitPorcine Transforming Growth Factor Beta 3 $495Add to Cart
PT0159Porcine TGFa ELISA KitPorcine Transforming Growth Factor Alpha $495Add to Cart
PT0148Porcine TG ELISA KitPorcine Thyroglobulin $495Add to Cart
PT0145Porcine TFR2 ELISA KitPorcine Transferrin Receptor Protein 2 $495Add to Cart
PT0144Porcine TFR ELISA KitPorcine Transferrin Receptor $495Add to Cart
PT0143Porcine TFPI2 ELISA KitPorcine Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor 2 $495Add to Cart



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