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Monoclonal Antibodies List
    Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
    AE002MouseAnti-mCherry-tag Mouse mAb$230Add to Cart
    AC025Rabbitalpha Tubulin$220Add to Cart
    AC024Rabbitalpha Tubulin$220Add to Cart
    AC013Rabbitalpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$300Add to Cart
    AC012Mousealpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$165Add to Cart
    AC007Rabbitα-TubulinTUBA1B;K-ALPHA-1 ;alpha-tubulin,a-tubulin$165Add to Cart
    AC006RabbitACTBBRWS1; PS1TP5BP1;$135Add to Cart
    AC003Rabbitalpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$165Add to Cart
    A9976RabbitAGK$220Add to Cart
    A9967RabbitANAPC13$220Add to Cart
    A8091RabbitACOX1ACOX; SCOX; PALMCOX;$220Add to Cart
    A8081RabbitADH1CADH3;$220Add to Cart
    A8075RabbitAMOT$220Add to Cart
    A8073RabbitADAMTSL1C9orf94; PUNCTIN; ADAMTSR1; ADAMTSL-1;$220Add to Cart
    A7254RabbitAcetyl-Histone H3-K14H3K14ac; H3t; H3.4; H3/g; H3FT;$300Add to Cart
    A6217RabbitATXN1ATX1; SCA1; D6S504E$220Add to Cart
    A11598RabbitAPOBEC3D$220Add to Cart
    A11584RabbitA1BG$220Add to Cart
    A11579RabbitARHGEF12$300Add to Cart
    A11445RabbitAPPAPP;AAA;ABETA;ABPP;AD1;APPI;CTFgamma;CVAP;PN2;amyloidP; Amyloid beta A4 protein; A4; Beta Amyloid$220Add to Cart
    A10497RabbitADAM8MS2; CD156; CD156a;$220Add to Cart
    A10438RabbitADAM10RAK; kuz; AD10; AD18; MADM; CD156c; HsT18717$220Add to Cart
    A0476MouseAPEX1APEX1;APE;APE1;APEN;APEX;APX;HAP1;REF1 ;$220Add to Cart
    A0336RabbitAKT2AKT2;PKBB;PKBBETA;PRKBB;RAC-BETA ;$220Add to Cart
    A0304RabbitAPOEAPOE;AD2;LDLCQ5;LPG;MGC1571;$220Add to Cart
    A0110MouseACACAACC; ACAC; ACC1; ACCA; ACACAD;$300Add to Cart
    A0001MouseAKT1AKT1;AKT;MGC99656;PKB;PKB-ALPHA;PRKBA;RAC;RAC-ALPHA ;$220Add to Cart



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