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Monoclonal Antibodies List
    Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
    AE038MouseMYC-Tag$300Add to Cart
    AE016MouseMBP-Tag$165Add to Cart
    AE010MouseMyc-Tag$135Add to Cart
    AE009RabbitMyc-Tag$135Add to Cart
    AC011MouseMouse IgG$35Add to Cart
    AC009MouseMouse anti plant actin mAbAT3G46520; ACTIN; actin-12$135Add to Cart
    A9996RabbitMYL6B$220Add to Cart
    A9984RabbitMZT2B$220Add to Cart
    A9966RabbitMCF2L$220Add to Cart
    A8087RabbitMonoMethyl-NONO-R357/R365P54; NMT55; NRB54; P54NRB; PPP1R114;$380Add to Cart
    A8083RabbitMCAMCD146; MUC18;$220Add to Cart
    A7796RabbitMLH3HNPCC7;$220Add to Cart
    A2144RabbitMALT1DKFZp434L132; MLT; MLT1;$220Add to Cart
    A1955RabbitMCM6Mis5; P105MCM; MCG40308;$220Add to Cart
    A1746RabbitMTTPABL; MTP;$220Add to Cart
    A11609RabbitMC3R$220Add to Cart
    A11587RabbitMPST$220Add to Cart
    A1060RabbitMCM3MCM3;HCC5;MGC1157;P1-MCM3;P1.h;RLFB ;$220Add to Cart
    A10409RabbitMMP16$220Add to Cart
    A10376RabbitMCFD2$220Add to Cart
    A10343RabbitMEN1MEAI; SCG2$220Add to Cart
    A10330RabbitMS4A8B$220Add to Cart
    A0526RabbitMT-CO2COII; MTCO2; COX2;Cytochrome c oxidase II$220Add to Cart
    A0317RabbitMMP2MMP2;CLG4;CLG4A;MMP-II;MONA;TBE-1 ;$220Add to Cart
    A0025MouseMAPK3MAPK3;ERK1;HS44KDAP;HUMKER1A;MGC20180;P44ERK1;P44MAPK;PRKM3 ;ERK1/2$220Add to Cart



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