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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A9522RabbitRQCD1$220Add to Cart
A9503RabbitRASAL2$220Add to Cart
A9502RabbitRYK$220Add to Cart
A9412RabbitROBO1SAX3; DUTT1$220Add to Cart
A9360RabbitRAB12$220Add to Cart
A8094RabbitRAB3IPRABIN3; RABIN8$220Add to Cart
A8056RabbitRFC5RFC36;$220Add to Cart
A8055RabbitRDH5RDH1; 9cRDH; SDR9C5; HSD17B9;$220Add to Cart
A8032RabbitRALYLHNRPCL3;$220Add to Cart
A8030RabbitRAB35RAY; H-ray; RAB1C;$220Add to Cart
A8020RabbitRRM2BP53R2; MTDPS8A; MTDPS8B;$220Add to Cart
A7983RabbitRUFY2RABIP4R; ZFYVE13;$220Add to Cart
A7982RabbitRNF125TNORS; TRAC1; TRAC-1;$220Add to Cart
A7979RabbitRAB23HSPC137;$220Add to Cart
A7925RabbitRGRRP44;$220Add to Cart
A7836RabbitRUFY1RABIP4; ZFYVE12;$220Add to Cart
A7832RabbitREEP1HMN5B; SPG31; C2orf23;$220Add to Cart
A7831RabbitRAB17$220Add to Cart
A7811RabbitRBFOX12BP1; FOX1; A2BP1; FOX-1; HRNBP1;$220Add to Cart
A7793RabbitRPL36L36;$220Add to Cart
A7791RabbitRASGRP3GRP3;$220Add to Cart
A7771RabbitRRAGAFIP1; RAGA; FIP-1;$220Add to Cart
A7721RabbitRCN2E6BP; ERC55; ERC-55; TCBP49;$220Add to Cart
A7720RabbitRAC1MIG5; Rac-1; TC-25; p21-Rac1;$220Add to Cart
A7618RabbitRNF123KPC1; FP1477;$220Add to Cart
A7578RabbitRFPL2RNF79;$220Add to Cart
A7534RabbitRad51DTRAD; R51H3; BROVCA4; RAD51L3;$220Add to Cart
A7514RabbitRAB1B$220Add to Cart
A7506RabbitRAB31Rab22B;$220Add to Cart
A7498RabbitRAC3$220Add to Cart



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