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Polyclonal Antibodies List
    Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
    A9554RabbitXRN1$220Add to Cart
    A7539RabbitXRCC4$220Add to Cart
    A7330RabbitXRCC6ML8; KU70; TLAA; CTC75; CTCBF; G22P1;$220Add to Cart
    A6869RabbitXIAPAPI3; ILP1; MIHA; XLP2; BIRC4; IAP-3; hIAP3; hIAP-3;$220Add to Cart
    A6790RabbitXPO5exp5;$220Add to Cart
    A6408RabbitXCL1LTN; ATAC; LPTN; SCM1; SCM-1; SCM1A; SCYC1; SCM-1a;$220Add to Cart
    A5862RabbitXRCC5KU80; KUB2; Ku86; NFIV; KARP1; KARP-1$220Add to Cart
    A2134RabbitXRCC3CMM6$220Add to Cart
    A1800RabbitXRCC2DKFZp781P0919;$220Add to Cart
    A1731RabbitXBP1XBP2; TREB5; XBP-1;$220Add to Cart
    A1677RabbitXRCC4XRCC4;DNA repair protein XRCC4; X-ray repair cross-complementing protein 4;$220Add to Cart
    A1626RabbitXPAXPA; XP1; XPAC;$220Add to Cart
    A1543RabbitXIAPXIAP;API3;BIRC4;ILP1;MIHA;XLP2 ;$380Add to Cart
    A11042MouseXRCC6$300Add to Cart
    A10401RabbitXPO6$220Add to Cart
    A10255RabbitXPNPEP2APP2; AEACEI;$220Add to Cart
    A0883RabbitXRCC6CTC75; CTCBF; G22P1; KU70; ML8; TLAA$220Add to Cart
    A0442RabbitXRCC1RCC$220Add to Cart
    A0383RabbitXIAPXIAP;API3;BIRC4;ILP1;MIHA;XLP2 ;$380Add to Cart
    A0299RabbitXPO1emb; CRM1; exp1;$220Add to Cart



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