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Methylated Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A1148RabbitNCF1NCF1;FLJ79451;NCF1A;NOXO2;SH3PXD1A;p47phox ;$220Add to Cart
A11479MouseLIN28B$300Add to Cart
A11476MouseIL31$300Add to Cart
A11473MouseC19orf35$300Add to Cart
A11470MousePGP$300Add to Cart
A1147RabbitNEUROD1NEUROD1;BETA2;BHF-1;NEUROD;bHLHa3 ;$220Add to Cart
A11468RabbitLAMP1LAMPA; CD107a; LGP120;$220Add to Cart
A11467MouseSKA3 $300Add to Cart
A11461MousePRIMPOL$300Add to Cart
A1146RabbitLDHALDHA;LDH-M;LDH1;PIG19 ;$220Add to Cart
A11458RabbitMLKLhMLKL;$380Add to Cart
A11455MouseREM2$300Add to Cart
A11455MouseREM2$300Add to Cart
A11454RabbitCDKN1ACAP20; CDKN1; CIP1; MDA-6; P21; SDI1; WAF1; p21CIP1$220Add to Cart
A11422MouseLIN28A$300Add to Cart
A1142RabbitALDOAALDOA;ALDA;MGC10942;MGC17716;MGC17767 ;$220Add to Cart
A11419MousePGBD5$300Add to Cart
A11416MouseJPH2$300Add to Cart
A11413MousePNPLA2$300Add to Cart
A11410RabbitRNF20$380Add to Cart
A1141RabbitTCF4E2-2;ITF2;PTHS;SEF2;ITF-2;SEF-2;TCF-4;SEF2-1;SEF2-1A;SEF2-1B; bHLHb19$220Add to Cart
A11408RabbitRAF1RAF1;CRAF;NS5;Raf-1;c-Raf ;$220Add to Cart
A11407MouseXAF1$300Add to Cart
A11404RabbitDGCR8Gy1; pasha; DGCRK6; C22orf12;$380Add to Cart
A11401RabbitKRT20K20; CD20; CK20; CK-20; KRT21;$380Add to Cart
A1140RabbitRALBP1RALBP1;RIP1;RLIP1;RLIP76 ;$220Add to Cart
A11398MouseWNT4$300Add to Cart
A11397RabbitNFKBIANFKBIA;IKBA;MAD-3;NFKBI ;$220Add to Cart
A11396RabbitNFKB1p50; KBF1; p105; EBP-1; NF-kB1; NFKB-p50; NFkappaB; NF-kappaB; NFKB-p105; NF-kappa-B;$220Add to Cart
A11395MouseCYCS$300Add to Cart



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