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Monoclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AC013Rabbitalpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$300Add to Cart
AC012Mousealpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$165Add to Cart
AC011MouseMouse IgG$35Add to Cart
AC010Mouseβ3-TubulinCDCBM; FEOM3; TUBB4; CDCBM1; CFEOM3; beta-4; CFEOM3A$165Add to Cart
AC009MouseMouse anti plant actin mAbAT3G46520; ACTIN; actin-12$135Add to Cart
AC008RabbitTUBB3TUBB3;MC1R;TUBB4;beta-4 ;beta-tubulin;beta tubulin$135Add to Cart
AC007Rabbitα-TubulinTUBA1B;K-ALPHA-1 ;alpha-tubulin,a-tubulin$165Add to Cart
AC006RabbitACTBBRWS1; PS1TP5BP1;$135Add to Cart
AC005RabbitRabbit IgG$35Add to Cart
AC004Mouseβ-actinACTB;PS1TP5BP1 ;beta-actin; β-actin$135Add to Cart
AC003Rabbitalpha TubulinK-ALPHA-1$165Add to Cart
AC002MouseGAPDH GAPDH;G3PD;GAPD;MGC88685 ;$135Add to Cart
AC001RabbitGAPDHGAPDH;G3PD;GAPD;MGC88685 ;$135Add to Cart
A9999RabbitPELI3$220Add to Cart
A9997RabbitPABPC5$220Add to Cart
A9996RabbitMYL6B$220Add to Cart
A9995RabbitFRMD6$220Add to Cart
A9994RabbitFTSJ3$220Add to Cart
A9993RabbitSLC2A13$220Add to Cart
A9992RabbitUBE2Q2$220Add to Cart
A9991RabbitTIMM50$220Add to Cart
A9990RabbitPLXNA4$220Add to Cart
A9989RabbitKLHL13$220Add to Cart
A9988RabbitSSH2$220Add to Cart
A9987RabbitRGS8$220Add to Cart
A9986RabbitUQCC2$220Add to Cart
A9985RabbitSETD7$220Add to Cart
A9984RabbitMZT2B$220Add to Cart
A9983RabbitCSPP1$220Add to Cart
A9982RabbitPTCD2$220Add to Cart



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