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Monoclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0001RabbitPhospho-ABL1-Y245ABL; JTK7; p150; c-ABL; v-abl; bcr/abl$300Add to Cart
AE038MouseMYC-Tag$300Add to Cart
AE034RabbitT7-TagT7 Tag; MASMTGGQQMG epitope tag; Enterobacteria phage T7; Bacteriophage T7; Minor capsid protein 10B; Major capsid protein 10A$165Add to Cart
AE023MouseTrx-Tag$165Add to Cart
AE019RabbitV5-Tag$165Add to Cart
AE016MouseMBP-Tag$165Add to Cart
AE015RabbitTAP-tag$165Add to Cart
AE014RabbitRFP-Tag$165Add to Cart
AE012MouseGFP-Tag$135Add to Cart
AE011RabbitGFP-Tag$135Add to Cart
AE010MouseMyc-Tag$135Add to Cart
AE009RabbitMyc-Tag$135Add to Cart
AE008MouseHA-Tag$135Add to Cart
AE007GoatHA-Tag$165Add to Cart
AE006RabbitGST-Tag$100Add to Cart
AE005MouseDDDDK-Tag$165Add to Cart
AE004RabbitDDDDK-Tag$165Add to Cart
AE003MouseHis-Tag$135Add to Cart
AE002MouseAnti-mCherry-tag Mouse mAb$230Add to Cart
AE001MouseGST-Tag$165Add to Cart
AC025Rabbitalpha Tubulin$220Add to Cart
AC024Rabbitalpha Tubulin$220Add to Cart
AC021Mouseβ-Tubulin$165Add to Cart
AC020RabbitVDAC1VDAC1;MGC111064;PORIN;PORIN-31-HL ;$220Add to Cart
AC019RabbitCOX4I1COX4; COXIV; COX4-1;$220Add to Cart
AC018RabbitLMNB1LMN; ADLD; LMN2; LMNB;$220Add to Cart
AC017RabbitPCNAPCNA;MGC8367 ;$220Add to Cart
AC016RabbitHIST3H3HIST1H3J; H3/j ;H3FJ ; Histone H3.1; Histone H3/a; Histone H3/b;Histone H3/c; Histone H3/d; Histone H3/f;Histone H3/h ; Histone H3/I;Histone H3/j ; Histone H3/k; Histone H3/l; HIST3H3;$220Add to Cart
AC015RabbitTUBB1M40; OK/SW-cl.56; TUBB1; TUBB5;$220Add to Cart
AC014RabbitTUBA4ATUBA4A ; Tubulin alpha 4A chain; tubulin; alpha 4a; TUBA1; Tubulin alpha 1 chain; FLJ30169; α-Tubulin;$220Add to Cart



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