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Monoclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A8084RabbitITGBL1OSCP; TIED;$220Add to Cart
A8083RabbitMCAMCD146; MUC18;$220Add to Cart
A8082RabbitSPP1SPP1;BNSP;BSPI;ETA-1;MGC110940;OPN;$220Add to Cart
A8081RabbitADH1CADH3;$220Add to Cart
A8080RabbitCPS1PHN; CPSASE1;$220Add to Cart
A8079RabbitFOXO3FOXO2; AF6q21; FKHRL1; FOXO3A; FKHRL1P2;$220Add to Cart
A8077RabbitHSD11B2AME; AME1; HSD2; HSD11K; SDR9C3;$220Add to Cart
A8076RabbitSPEM1C17orf83;$220Add to Cart
A8075RabbitAMOT$220Add to Cart
A8074RabbitSERPINA12OL-64;$220Add to Cart
A8073RabbitADAMTSL1C9orf94; PUNCTIN; ADAMTSR1; ADAMTSL-1;$220Add to Cart
A8072RabbitLHX4CPHD4;$220Add to Cart
A8070RabbitEVA1AFAM176A; TMEM166;$220Add to Cart
A7929RabbitSSX4CT5.4;$220Add to Cart
A7796RabbitMLH3HNPCC7;$220Add to Cart
A7646RabbitBAATBAT; BACAT;$220Add to Cart
A7443RabbitNME2PUF; NDKB; NDPKB; NM23B; NDPK-B; NM23-H2;$220Add to Cart
A7340RabbitPSMB8JMP; ALDD; LMP7; NKJO; D6S216; PSMB5i; RING10; D6S216E;$220Add to Cart
A7254RabbitAcetyl-Histone H3-K14H3K14ac; H3t; H3.4; H3/g; H3FT;$300Add to Cart
A7084RabbitPRKD3EPK2; PKD3; PRKCN; PKC-NU; nPKC-NU;$220Add to Cart
A6891RabbitCRY2HCRY2; PHLL2;$220Add to Cart
A6888RabbitCNGA3CNG3; ACHM2; CCNC1; CCNCa; CNCG3; CCNCalpha;$220Add to Cart
A6722RabbitRPH3A$220Add to Cart
A6719RabbitRGS3C2PA; RGP3;$220Add to Cart
A6488RabbitCYGBHGB; STAP;$220Add to Cart
A6435RabbitSKAP2PRAP; RA70; SAPS; SCAP2; SKAP55R; SKAP-HOM;$220Add to Cart
A6393RabbitSERPINB9PI9; CAP3; PI-9; CAP-3;$220Add to Cart
A6386RabbitLMX1BNPS1; LMX1.2;$220Add to Cart
A6266RabbitLHCGRHHG; LHR; LCGR; LGR2; ULG5; LHRHR; LSH-R; LH/CGR; LH/CG-R$220Add to Cart
A6217RabbitATXN1ATX1; SCA1; D6S504E$220Add to Cart



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