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Monoclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
A1746RabbitMTTPABL; MTP;$220Add to Cart
A1707RabbitCTBP1BARS; MGC104684;$220Add to Cart
A1688RabbitS100A860B8AG; CAGA; CFAG; CGLA; CP-10; L1Ag; MA387; MIF; MRP8; NIF; P8;$220Add to Cart
A1649RabbitSRSF1ASF; MGC5228; SF2; SF2p33; SRp30a;$220Add to Cart
A1633RabbitHMGCRLDLCQ3;$220Add to Cart
A1597MouseLTFLF; HLF2; GIG12; HEL110;$220Add to Cart
A1596RabbitETS1ETS-1; EWSR2;$220Add to Cart
A1575RabbitIFNB1IFNB1;IFB;IFF; IFNB;MGC96956;$220Add to Cart
A1569RabbitTPH1TPH1;MGC119994;TPRH;TRPH;Tryptophan 5-hydroxylase 1;$220Add to Cart
A1549RabbitCD4CD4mut$220Add to Cart
A1161RabbitCALM3CALM3;PHKD;PHKD3 ;$220Add to Cart
A11609RabbitMC3R$220Add to Cart
A11598RabbitAPOBEC3D$220Add to Cart
A11587RabbitMPST$220Add to Cart
A11584RabbitA1BG$220Add to Cart
A11580RabbitEMP3$220Add to Cart
A11579RabbitARHGEF12$300Add to Cart
A11574RabbitCHD4Mi-2b; Mi2-BETA;$220Add to Cart
A11563RabbitGFAPGFAP;FLJ45472 ;$220Add to Cart
A1156RabbitKDM1AKDM1;AOF2;BHC110;KIAA0601;LSD1 ; KDM1A$220Add to Cart
A11545RabbitTP53$220Add to Cart
A11531RabbitPTK2FADK; FAK; FAK1; pp125FAK;$220Add to Cart
A1152RabbitRRM1RRM1;R1;RIR1;RR1 ;$220Add to Cart
A1151RabbitEGLN1EGLN1;C1orf12;DKFZp761F179;ECYT3;HIFPH2;HPH2;PHD2;SM-20;SM20;ZMYND6 ;$220Add to Cart
A11481RabbitTp53bbl; bfy; bhy; p44; p53; Tp53$220Add to Cart
A11465RabbitIL6$220Add to Cart
A11464RabbitTUBBM40; TUBB1; TUBB5; CDCBM6; CSCSC1; OK/SW-cl.56;$380Add to Cart
A11452MouseDPPA2$300Add to Cart
A11445RabbitAPPAPP;AAA;ABETA;ABPP;AD1;APPI;CTFgamma;CVAP;PN2;amyloidP; Amyloid beta A4 protein; A4; Beta Amyloid$220Add to Cart
A11440MouseTMEM200A$300Add to Cart



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