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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0327RabbitPhospho-CDKN1A-T145P21; CIP1; SDI1; WAF1; CAP20; CDKN1; MDA-6; p21CIP1;$300Add to Cart
AP0326RabbitPhospho-CDK6-Y13PLSTIRE;$300Add to Cart
AP0325RabbitPhospho-CDK2-T160p33(CDK2);$300Add to Cart
AP0324RabbitPhospho-CDK1-T161CDC2; CDC28A; P34CDC2;$300Add to Cart
AP0323RabbitPhospho-CDC25C-S216CDC25; PPP1R60;$300Add to Cart
AP0322RabbitPhospho-Cdc25b-S149AI604853;$300Add to Cart
AP0321RabbitPhospho-CDC25A-S76CDC25A2;$300Add to Cart
AP0320RabbitPhospho-CAV1-Y14CGL3; PPH3; BSCL3; VIP21; MSTP085;$300Add to Cart
AP0319RabbitPhospho-CARM1-S228PRMT4;$300Add to Cart
AP0318RabbitPhospho-BRCA1-S988IRIS; PSCP; BRCAI; BRCC1; PNCA4; RNF53; BROVCA1; PPP1R53;$300Add to Cart
AP0317RabbitPhospho-BRCA1-S1524IRIS; PSCP; BRCAI; BRCC1; PNCA4; RNF53; BROVCA1; PPP1R53;$300Add to Cart
AP0316RabbitPhospho-BCL2-T56Bcl-2; PPP1R50;$300Add to Cart
AP0315RabbitPhospho-BCL2-S70Bcl-2; PPP1R50;$300Add to Cart
AP0314RabbitPhospho-BCL2L1-S62BCLX; BCL2L; BCLXL; BCLXS; Bcl-X; bcl-xL; bcl-xS; PPP1R52; BCL-XL/S;$300Add to Cart
AP0313RabbitPhospho-BCL2L11-S69BAM; BIM; BOD;$300Add to Cart
AP0312RabbitPhospho-Bad-S155BBC2; BCL2L8;$300Add to Cart
AP0311RabbitPhospho-AURKA-T288AIK; ARK1; AURA; BTAK; STK6; STK7; STK15; AURORA2; PPP1R47;$300Add to Cart
AP0310RabbitPhospho-ATM-S1981AT1; ATA; ATC; ATD; ATE; ATDC; TEL1; TELO1;$300Add to Cart
AP0309RabbitPhospho-ATF4-S245CREB2; TXREB; CREB-2; TAXREB67;$300Add to Cart
AP0308RabbitPhospho-ATF2-T73/T55HB16; CREB2; TREB7; CRE-BP1;$300Add to Cart
AP0307RabbitPhospho-AR-S650KD; AIS; TFM; DHTR; SBMA; HYSP1; NR3C4; SMAX1; HUMARA;$300Add to Cart
AP0306RabbitPhospho-AR-S213KD; AIS; TFM; DHTR; SBMA; HYSP1; NR3C4; SMAX1; HUMARA;$300Add to Cart
AP0305RabbitPhospho-AKT2-S474PKBB; PRKBB; HIHGHH; PKBBETA; RAC-BETA;$300Add to Cart
AP0304RabbitPhospho-AKT1-T308AKT; PKB; RAC; CWS6; PRKBA; PKB-ALPHA; RAC-ALPHA;$300Add to Cart
AP0303RabbitPhospho-ABL1-Y412ABL; JTK7; p150; c-ABL; v-abl; c-ABL1; bcr/abl;$300Add to Cart
AP0302RabbitPhospho-PTK2-Y397FAK; FADK; FAK1; FRNK; PPP1R71; p125FAK; pp125FAK$300Add to Cart
AP0301RabbitPhospho-EGFR-Y1068ERBB; HER1; mENA; ERBB1; PIG61; NISBD2;$300Add to Cart
AP0298RabbitPhospho-ACACA-S79ACC; ACAC; ACC1; ACCA; ACACAD;$300Add to Cart
AP0297RabbitPhospho-MAPK14-T180/Y182RK; p38; CSBP; EXIP; Mxi2; CSBP1; CSBP2; CSPB1; PRKM14; PRKM15; SAPK2A; p38ALPHA;$300Add to Cart
AP0296RabbitPhospho-RPS6-S235/236S6;$300Add to Cart



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