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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0207RabbitPhospho-EZR-T567CVL; CVIL; VIL2;$300Add to Cart
AP0206RabbitPhospho-PXN-Y31$300Add to Cart
AP0205RabbitPhospho-BCR-Y177ALL; CML; PHL; BCR1; D22S11; D22S662;$300Add to Cart
AP0204RabbitPhospho-SMC1A-S957SMC1; SMCB; CDLS2; SB1.8; SMC1L1; DXS423E; SMC1alpha;$300Add to Cart
AP0203RabbitPhospho-HSP90AB1-S254HSP84; HSPC2; HSPCB; D6S182; HSP90B;$300Add to Cart
AP0202RabbitPhospho-HDAC5-S498HD5; NY-CO-9;$300Add to Cart
AP0201RabbitPhospho-HDAC2-S394HD2; RPD3; YAF1;$300Add to Cart
AP0200RabbitPhospho-APP-668AAA; AD1; PN2; ABPP; APPI; CVAP; ABETA; PN-II; CTFgamma;$300Add to Cart
AP0199RabbitPhospho-EGFR-T693ERBB; HER1; mENA; ERBB1; PIG61;$300Add to Cart
AP0198RabbitPhospho-EGFR-T678ERBB; HER1; mENA; ERBB1; PIG61;$300Add to Cart
AP0197RabbitPhospho-HIST1H3J-S10H3/j; H3FJ;$300Add to Cart
AP0196RabbitPhospho-ADD1-S726ADDA;$300Add to Cart
AP0195RabbitPhospho-YWHAZ-S58YWHAD; KCIP-1; 14-3-3-zeta;$300Add to Cart
AP0194RabbitPhospho-MAP3K5-S966ASK1; MEKK5; MAPKKK5;$300Add to Cart
AP0193RabbitPhospho-PLCG2-Y753FCAS3; APLAID; RP11-510J16.3;$300Add to Cart
AP0192RabbitPhospho-PRKCQ-S695PRKCT; nPKC-theta;$300Add to Cart
AP0191RabbitPhospho-PRKCB-T641PKCB; PRKCB1; PRKCB2; PKC-beta;$300Add to Cart
AP0190RabbitPhospho-RELA-T505p65; NFKB3;$300Add to Cart
AP0189RabbitPhospho-HSPB1-S15CMT2F; HMN2B; HSP27; HSP28; Hsp25; SRP27; HS.76067;$300Add to Cart
AP0188RabbitPhospho-MAP2K1-S221CFC3; MEK1; MKK1; MAPKK1; PRKMK1;$300Add to Cart
AP0187RabbitPhospho-VASP-S239VASP$300Add to Cart
AP0186RabbitPhospho-PAK1-T212PAKalpha;$300Add to Cart
AP0185RabbitPhospho-SRC-Y529ASV; SRC1; c-SRC; p60-Src;$300Add to Cart
AP0182RabbitPhospho-LCK-Y394LSK; YT16; p56lck; pp58lck;$300Add to Cart
AP0181RabbitPhospho-IRS1-S312HIRS-1;$300Add to Cart
AP0180RabbitPhospho-VAV1-Y174VAV;$300Add to Cart
AP0179RabbitPhospho-CHEK1-S280CHK1;$300Add to Cart
AP0178RabbitPhospho-CFL1-S3CFL;$300Add to Cart
AP0177RabbitPhospho-FOXO4-S197AFX; AFX1; MLLT7;$300Add to Cart
AP0176RabbitPhospho-FOXO1-S319FKH1; FKHR; FOXO1A;$300Add to Cart



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