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Polyclonal Antibodies List
Cat No.SpeciesNameSynonymsSizeQtyPriceAction
AP0357RabbitPhospho-GRIN2B-Y1474MRD6; NR2B; hNR3; GluN2B; NMDAR2B;$300Add to Cart
AP0356RabbitPhospho-GRIA1-S836GLUH1; GLUR1; GLURA; GluA1; HBGR1;$300Add to Cart
AP0355RabbitPhospho-GJA1-S367HSS; CMDR; CX43; GJAL; ODDD; AVSD3; HLHS1; DFNB38;$300Add to Cart
AP0354RabbitPhospho-GATA1-S310GF1; GF-1; NFE1; XLTT; ERYF1; NF-E1; XLANP; XLTDA; GATA-1;$300Add to Cart
AP0353RabbitPhospho-GAP43-S41B-50; PP46;$300Add to Cart
AP0352RabbitPhospho-G3BP1-S232G3BP; HDH-VIII;$300Add to Cart
AP0351RabbitPhospho-FOXO3-S253FOXO2; AF6q21; FKHRL1; FOXO3A; FKHRL1P2;$300Add to Cart
AP0350RabbitPhospho-FAM129A-S602FAM129A;$300Add to Cart
AP0349RabbitPhospho-EZR-Y353CVL; CVIL; VIL2;$300Add to Cart
AP0348RabbitPhospho-ESR1-S167ER; ESR; Era; ESRA; ESTRR; NR3A1;$300Add to Cart
AP0347RabbitPhospho-ESR1-S106ER; ESR; Era; ESRA; ESTRR; NR3A1;$300Add to Cart
AP0346RabbitPhospho-ELK1-T417$300Add to Cart
AP0345RabbitPhospho-ELK1-S383$300Add to Cart
AP0344RabbitPhospho-EIF4EBP1-T36BP-1; 4EBP1; 4E-BP1; PHAS-I;$300Add to Cart
AP0343RabbitPhospho-EIF2S2-S2EIF2; EIF2B; PPP1R67; EIF2beta; eIF-2-beta;$300Add to Cart
AP0342RabbitPhospho-EIF2S1-S51EIF2; EIF-2; EIF2A; EIF-2A; EIF-2alpha;$300Add to Cart
AP0341RabbitPhospho-EIF2S1-S49EIF2; EIF-2; EIF2A; EIF-2A; EIF-2alpha;$300Add to Cart
AP0340RabbitPhospho-EIF2AK2-T451PKR; PRKR; EIF2AK1;$300Add to Cart
AP0339RabbitPhospho-EFNB2-Y330HTKL; EPLG5; Htk-L; LERK5;$300Add to Cart
AP0338RabbitPhospho-EFNB2-Y316HTKL; EPLG5; Htk-L; LERK5;$300Add to Cart
AP0337RabbitPhospho-CTNNB1-Y333CTNNB; MRD19; armadillo;$300Add to Cart
AP0336RabbitPhospho-CTNNB1-T41/S45CTNNB; MRD19; armadillo;$300Add to Cart
AP0335RabbitPhospho-CSNK2A1-T360/S362CKII; CK2A1; CSNK2A3;$300Add to Cart
AP0334RabbitPhospho-CREB1-S142CREB;$300Add to Cart
AP0333RabbitPhospho-CREB1-S133CREB-1; CREB1;$300Add to Cart
AP0332RabbitPhospho-CREB1-S129CREB;$300Add to Cart
AP0331RabbitPhospho-CHEK2-S516CDS1; CHK2; LFS2; RAD53; hCds1; HuCds1; PP1425;$300Add to Cart
AP0330RabbitPhospho-CFL1-Y139CFL;$300Add to Cart
AP0329RabbitPhospho-CFL1/CFL2-Y88CFL1/CFL2;$300Add to Cart
AP0328RabbitPhospho-CDKN1B-T187CDKN1B; CDN1B; Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 1B; Cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor p27; KIP1$300Add to Cart



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